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Dec 20 – Managing the Estate

So you are no longer a slave but a child, and if a child then also an heir, through God

Galatians 4:1–7

According to Galatians 4, with the birth of Christ, we are no longer slaves, but the heirs of our own estates or our own lives. God gave us this great gift and made us his sons and daughters. He also made us his heirs. That is a gift. but it can also be a burden if we do not use the gift the way that God intended it.

Anyone who owns property knows that if it is not cared for, it will return to its wild state with weeds, brambles, and garbage thrown about. So, it is with us if we do not care for our inheritance. 

We think up a million excuses to justify our inactions. We are too busy; the kids have soccer games; our boss demands our time; we’re too tired; or we need to clean the house. Our excuses could fill a book, yet we find time for the activities we really want to do. 

So how do we keep our estate ready for God? Each day we should set aside a time to spend with Him. Our calendars reflect our true priorities. “But I don’t have time,” you argue. Pick a time to give to God. Skip the news (there is never anything good on it anyway); read the Bible in the bathtub; or get up a half hour early and read and pray before the day gets hectic. Read the Bible each night as a family. (When your kids tell you none of their friends read the Bible tell them, “God knows that. He also knows that you do.”) How about when you’re in your car stuck in traffic? Instead of yelling at the person who cut in front of you, talk to Jesus. Tell Him about your day. God made us heirs of his estate. We need to be good stewards of it.

Dear God, Please, forgive us when we neglect you for other activities. We know you have given us more than we need. Thank you for freeing us and giving us the gift of your son.

Barb LaPosta

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