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Lenten Greetings!

During Lent this year, we have been doing a mid-week Bible study using Joyce Rupp's book The Cup of Life.  What a blessing this study has been.  It is a daily devotional with a reflection, scripture, and suggestions for journaling.  Many in our group have not been fans of journaling in the past, but have committed to it during Lent.  It has stretched them, but they are experiencing a great deal of growth as a result. 

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is God's timing.  As I have gone through this study each day, it is overwhelming to me that each day's reading seems to speak to what is going on in my life.  Have you noticed that?  Whenever you are in the Word every day and in prayer, those things always seem to speak to you in the midst of the routine tasks of the day or during difficult moments in the day.  Isn't that awesome? 

So, why is it that we don't always take the time in the morning to charge our spiritual batteries?  Think about would never leave the house in the morning if your smart phone - your lifeline to the world - wasn't fully charged, right?  How would you get through the day if you couldn't check your email or Facebook, or if you couldn't text your friends and family?  We're lost without our phones.  Yet we don't take time in the morning to charge our spiritual battery; we don't take time to connect our spiritual lifeline.  We're too busy in the morning to sit down for 20 minutes to plug in to Jesus- our eternal lifeline. 

So here's a question:  if you aren't plugging in to Jesus, your spiritual power source, every morning, how do you get through the day?  I'm guessing not very well.  I challenge you, at least for the remainder of Lent, to spend time in the Word every morning and pray for God's guidance in your day, asking the Spirit to open you to opportunities to be a blessing to someone in your day.  Go ahead....I dare you! 

Rev. Tina